Marc, Happy Papa

"Where do I begin? We met Laine at our birthing class six weeks before our due date. She informed us that she had a family trip planned two weeks before our due date, and that she would be out of town for a weekend. Of course, we had an emergency induction the day she went out of town. While on a vacation with her family, Laine generously took the time to coach us from afar and arranged for a substitute doula to come be with us. We declined thinking the induction wouldn’t take too long. We were wrong. 40 hours later, Laine arrived at our delivery room having rushed from the airport at 6am. I had read books and taken classes, but was out of my depth when trying to help comfort my wife during contractions. Laine saved the day! She had so many thoughtful suggestions, techniques, and positions to make my wife comfortable. She suggested an effective birthing position with a rebozo and the pull bar that really had a positive effect on my wife’s ability to push. Laine also helped me help my wife push much better than I was doing on my own. I’ll be forever grateful for that. She was also able to smoothly convince the RN and the delivering doctor to go with her position design. I can’t imagine having finished the labor without Laine. She brought a caring, thoughtful, soothing, and competent vibe to the room. There are so many other things she did to make everything better for us, from hospital visits postpartem, always being available to answer questions and give advice, to being a great role model and more. This doula thing seems to be a very natural fit for her. You can tell that she loves doing it. I wish everyone could have her be a part of their birth experience, I promise it will be 100% better than doing it on your own. In the pic: Doula Laine giving me a needed break, while calming my wife. Never underestimate the soothing power and loving touch of a great doula!"

Amrita S, Mama of 2

"For my second pregnancy I decided that I wanted a doula and spent months searching for the right person. I read Laine’s VBAC story and it immediately resonated with me as someone who had an unplanned cesarean the first time around and was doing everything I could to have a VBAC this time. 
Laine had great suggestions for ways to prepare for birth and supported me through a late term (32nd week) switch in providers. 
When my water broke at 4am, 2.5 weeks early she was available by phone, until we were ready for her to join us at the hospital. 
Nothing about this birth happened as expected, from the early morning water breaking, group B Strep positive result necessitating IV penicillin, high blood pressure in the last week of pregnancy and at the birth, symphysis pubis dysfunction starting at week 14, to baby experiencing distress after 12 hours on pitocin. Laine was upbeat, thoughtful and empathetic through the whole process. Her presence meant that my husband could take breaks, and it meant that we were constantly trying new ways to try to get baby to move down. She had great rapport with the nurses and her lights and scents really made a difference to make the labor room nicer. In the end, baby’s obvious distress led to a cesarean. Laine came with us to the OR and stayed by my side while my husband held our sweet boy for the first time.
It wasn’t the birth experience I had been hoping for, but I have no regrets about it. Laine was an integral part of the incredible birth team that assisted me, listened to me and advocated for me all the way through the arrival of my healthy baby boy. I highly recommend having Laine by your side through your pregnancy, labor and delivery. "

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