'The Birth Partner' by Penny Simkin

Hello partners! pregnant people! If you only ever buy one book in pregnancy, this should be it. Penny Simkin is basically my spirit animal. She is beyond amazing and boy does she know her shit.

Fully updated and revised, this guide covers the time from the last few weeks of pregnancy through the early postpartum period. Includes new information on water birth, labor aids, and epidural anesthesia. With 35 illustrations.

While this book is designed for the support person (not the laboring mother) I think mothers, father, doulas, grandmothers etc, basically anyone who plans to be at the birth would all benefit from reading this puppy.

Description from The Penny Simkin website:

"Since the original publication of The Birth Partner, new mothers’ mates, friends, and relatives and doulas (professional birth assistants) have relied on Penny Simkin’s guidance in caring for the new mother from the last few weeks of pregnancy through the early postpartum period. Fully revised in its fourth edition, The Birth Partner remains the definitive guide for preparing to help a woman through childbirth and the essential manual to have at hand during the event. This completely updated edition includes thorough information on:

  • Preparing for labor and knowing when it has begun;

  • Normal labor and how to help the woman every step of the way;

  • Epidurals and other medications for labor;

  • Non-drug techniques for easing labor pain;

  • Cesarean birth and complications that may require it;

  • Breastfeeding and newborn care;

  • And much more.

For the partner who wishes to be truly helpful in the birthing room, this book is indispensable."

True Dat.

It lays outs very detailed, specific and accessible information about what to expect during labor and birth. It also includes a lot of information about how the birthing person and the support/companion person might FEEL in relation to any particular scenario. It's my FAV. ❤️

You may be able to tell from my pinterest board Doula La and my youtube channel Doula La playlist how I feel about Penny Simkin. I would be embarrassed but she is part of the reason I do what I do so- yeah. I love me some Penny.

You can buy the updated version of this book on amazon. Link here

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