My VBAC birth Story

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Like a lot of mamas, I have documented both of my birth stories, mostly for myself but also for anyone who cares to listen. I myself love to hear other women's birth stories, it fills me with so much love and a sense of camaraderie to share this common link among strangers. We all share these deep meaningful experiences that link us. So here is the story of my second child, Cassius and how he came into the world.

He was born on a Tuesday, it was only 2 days after christmas and the town felt really quiet that morning as we drove to the hospital for my 'induction'. I use quotations here because the only thing my Dr was comfortable doing was breaking my waters but even though I was 10 days away from my due date, my health care providers weren't comfortable letting me go too much further and with it being the holidays, there were restrictions as to when my doctor would be available for my birth.

I was nervous enough with the doctor I had chosen since I was attempting a VBAC which was considered high risk due to my insulin dependance. I am not Diabetic but I classify as perhaps borderline outside of pregnancy with higher than usual Blood Sugars. But within pregnancy, I skyrocket to full Diabetes pretty darn fast, and I did with both. Nothing I did stopped it from progressing to insulin dependency so they put you in a category all on your own, throwing around terms like placental maturation, Macrosomia, shoulder Dystocia, and other super awesome things like fetal demise to scare you into doing what they want you to do.

It's hard not to be worried when they force all of this on you but I spent a lot of time in my pregnancies reflecting on how I was feeling, where my body was, and the babies and I always ultimately leaned towards the instinct that I could trust my body and my baby.

I had been having a lot of brackston hicks, for weeks if not months with this pregnancy and I could really feel that things were happening, slowly albeit but happening all the same. It would be a slight thing, a shift that made me recognize that things were progressing as they should. I hadn't gained nearly as much weight in this pregnancy and the baby was actually measuring right on schedule which was a welcome change from my first who they guessed would be over 10 lbs. (He actually came in a 9lbs 8 so they weren't so far off but honestly... My father was nearly 12 lbs and he didn't exactly rip my grandmother in two. It does happen people.)

I remember how thinking how positively civilized it felt walking into the hospital NOT in labor (unlike last time which was a total blur since I was already 7cm at that point) we got name tags while I waited for Duncan to go and park the car.

We got checked in and I was taken up to my room (no need to go to Triage since it was a planned induction) and we got ourselves settled in. It was a bit surreal not having contractions (beyond my usual mini contractions that I had with both boys for roughly 2 weeks prior to the birth.) and getting ready to have a baby. I kept trying to turn inwards and tell Cassius that I needed him to rally and get on board with the plan since I reeeeeaaallly wanted to have my VBAC.

The first nurse who was getting me all set up with my IV (really and IV? must I? Yes you must, you have insulin dependent diabetes rah rah rah) couldn't find a vein for the life of her. She kept smacking her gum and rattling on about my veins. They were hiding cause she wasn't the best at administering IVs...

just kidding, but she did eventually get there (and got blood all over my sheet but hey, who cares) only to tell me she was at the end of her shift and wait a second... I was a VBAC? no no, c'mon. You have insulin dependance! Oh no, I don't think so Honey. I know you want this but it's good to be realistic.

really lady? I was like, cool thanks! Have an awesome day BYYYYYEEEEE. 😆

I was like OK, she's gone! Phew lets do this and of course my next nurse was the one we actually nicknamed nurse ratchet. Man, she did not smile much. and she was FULLY opposed to my getting out of the bed since it made the baby's heart monitor move and lose signal. It was a real struggle to get comfortable with all of that but we did. We got there, she left us alone for the most part (except to come in every hour to prick my finger and check my blood sugars then adjust my sugar water IV accordingly. Super fun)

more to come...


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