What I build for my clients is based on the same idea of a traditional birth plan but looks a little different (using mostly graphics). What you will get is a printable PDF that is designed especially for you based on your personal wants and hopes, consisting of easy to read graphic icons that quickly convey all your wishes to your birth team.

Is it like a BIRTH PLAN?

It is, only I prefer to call it preferences rather than a 'plan' since birth isn't really something you can plan since there are too many variables and unknowns. I do firmly believe that you can (and should) prepare for your birth by knowing what you may or may not wish for your birth ahead of time while you have the time to do research, and wrap your head around all the variables. I want all laboring people to know all the possibilities and options in birth so that they are empowered by knowledge and have a voice, being prepared for whatever may arise.

I like to tell my clients, knowing all the possibilities of how a birth can go won't make them happen to you, but it will ensure that if one of them pops up, you will be ready and know how you want to handle it.

The tricky thing about a birth plan is that it can have an unhelpful side if it masquerades as control over the birthing process. It is crucial that every birthing person understand that flexibly is part of the birthing process. That doesn't mean that I suggest you go without a birth plan, I don't think that would be helpful to you or your birth team- it is still massively helpful for everyone to have a clear idea about what matters to you. 

The traditional BIRTH PLAN:

"The birth plan was envisioned to help expectant parents prepare for the physical and emotional aspects of the birth process, plan ahead for how they want various situations handled outside of the emotions of the moment, and provide a vehicle for communicating with each other, their care provider, and the hospital staff prior to the birth."

(Simkin, 2007Simkin & Reinke, 1980)."

I want one! How does it work?

This is a bonus service that I include in my birth package for all my clients but I also offer it to the general public for a fee. Once we have confirmed your payment, you will complete an online form that narrows down your personal birth preferences and I will then translate your wishes to a birth 'plan' in the same format as is seen in the example here. Once complete, I will then sent to you it as a PDF via email for you print and use. Easy Peesy.

What does it cost?

This service is free for my clients but I also offer it to the general public for $40. Fill out the form below for more information or go directly to the BIRTH & BEYOND PREFERENCES FORM.

Examples of a Doula Laine custom graphics Birth Preferences  

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