A little bit about Laine...

I LOVE birth. I love new families and at the risk of sounding 'crunchy', I love the intensity and power that birth has to change a person, not only in becoming a parent but also in the self realization of our inner strength.

I am a mother of two wonderful little people, both were 'High Risk' hospitals births due to insulin dependent Gestational Diabetes. The second of which was an unmedicated VBAC birth, a triumph I hold near and dear to my heart. Both of my births were beautiful in their own ways but I learned from experience that birth is not quite not as simple as going into a birth place in labor and coming out with a baby. There are so many external factors that decipher how our births unfold. This is one of the biggest benefits of having birth doula to help guide you through it. Having a Birth Doula on my 'birth team' empowered me and my birth stories and I want to be that support for other women.

My favorite things to do when I'm not with my family is to read, do yoga, get a massage, watch a great show, create art, scroll Instagram for birth photos for the feels or listen to 'The Birth Hour', a superb podcast which is filled with beautiful, empowering birth stories. 

My Philosophy

I am passionate about evidence based birthing practices that support both mother and baby’s needs. I also believe that when families equip themselves with a strong birth team who can support their needs and wishes, it makes a truly positive impact on their birth experience. The old saying "It takes a village" holds enormous truth when it comes to bringing children into the world, starting at birth.

If you look at images of childbirth throughout history you will see the mother surrounded by other women, there to offer her guidance and wisdom. The modern birth doula is a manifestation of this, providing support in every facet to help you achieve the BEST possible birth that you and your baby can have (and deserve!)

My wish is for all families to be empowered with knowledge and trust going into their births, and for all women to have a beautiful and fulfilling birthing experience.

                       Laine's guide to a better birth experience

1. Get yourself some good Birth Education- read more below

2. Seek a Birth Doula - build a solid support team to help you and your partner to have the birth you want

3. Make sure you feel REALLY good about your health care provider and the setting where you will have your baby. It's never too late to change your mind and follow your instincts.

4. Listen to the Birth Hour (podcast) to hear from other women who have been there

5. Watch the 'Business of Being Born', a beautiful documentary that explores the maternity care system in America

6. Trust in yourself, your body, the process and your baby!

“Childbirth education fills in where the doctor’s office appointment leaves off.”
read the full article here

My Training

Childbirth/ Labor Doula Diploma

DONA 2018 (certifying) training 2018

Diploma of attendance:

Childbirth Education for Doulas

DONA 2018

Shelley Scotka Workshop 2018

Diploma of attendance: Breastfeeding Education for Doulas

DONA 2018

Doulas of Austin Workshop 2018

Rebozo Certified


Instructor: Natasha Sanchez

Spinning Babies Workshop

Workshop for birth professionals,

Instructor: TAMMY RYAN 2018

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