A woman with childbirth experience who specializes in providing mothers with continuous care in the form of emotional support and physical comforts they need through the course of pregnancy, labor and delivery.



I LOVE birth. I love new families and at the risk of sounding 'crunchy', I love the intensity and power that birth has to change a person, not only in becoming a parent but also in the self realization of our inner strength.

I am a mother of two wonderful little people, both were 'high risk' hospitals births due to insulin dependent Gestational Diabetes. The second of which was an unmedicated VBAC birth, a triumph I hold very near and dear to my heart. Both of my births were profound and beautiful in their own unique ways but I learned from experience that birth is not quite not as simple as going into a birth place in labor and coming out with a baby. There are so many external factors that decipher how our births unfold. This is one of the biggest benefits of having birth doula to help guide you through it. Having a birth doula on my 'birth team' empowered me and my birth journeys and it is my greatest desire to be that support for other women.

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Studies show with continuous labor support provided by a birth doula, women experience a...

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